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How do I get paid?

Payments to all contributors will calculated as a percentage Royalty of the total sales of each publication.  The purpose of our ‘Booty’ Scheme is to provide a relatively simple way for us to split Royalty payments across multiple pieces of work and to multiple contributors all in the same publication.

Let us explain…

Royalties will be calculated at 20% of the sales of each publication and there is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of sales to which this is applicable.

Of course, we will not be able to calculate the exact split of the Royalties between  contributors, until the content of each publication is finalised.  So we need an alternative way to track Royalty allocations as we go.

To assist in this calculation, each piece of work included will be allocated a number of points up to a maximum of 100.  Points will be allocated based on standard page rates; however, additional points may be given for content considered to have significant impact

Then, once the content for a publication is finalised, the points for all content from all contributors is added together to give a total for that publication.  From this total the Royalty allocation per contributor is calculated as a percentage.

In this way, all contributors will have a unique Royalty percentage for each publication.

We hope that’s clear…  But just in case it requires some further explanation we have compiled a summary with some worked examples for you to download.


Please feel free to Contact us if you have any other questions.

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