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What do you want from me?

Send us your work!  We will review it and if it makes us laugh and we think we can use it, we will be in touch.  We want any / all of the following:

  • Comic strips / Photo comic strips / Cartoons

  • Jokes / Stories, short and long

  • Poems / Limericks

  • Photographs  /Photographs with captions

  • Fake news / Fake adverts / Fake instructions

  • Anything else that tickles your tickly bits

Submissions can be anything from multiple page comic strips to one line gags and if it’s typed or hand written, painted in oils or made with some clever app, it's all good.  But it must result in clear text and images once scanned.  Most importantly, you must own the copyright outright.

We are not against stuff that’s completely off the wall, but it must still be funny.  However, we don't want adult or offensive material...  For other Do's and Don'ts please see our FAQ section

We treat submissions in the strictest confidence.  Without your full approval we will not publish or share your work anywhere or with anyone else.

Please submit your work or any questions you may have to:

When submitting please ensure you do the following:

  • Make "Submission" the first word of the title of your email

  • Include your contact details

  • Submit artwork in; PDF or JPEG files only

  • Submit text in; PDF, MS word, MS PowerPoint or Plain Text files only

    • Do not submit text in the body text of an email, it must be an attachment

  • Limit individual file sizes to 2MB

  • Limit total email size to 10MB

  • If you are submitting any photo content, we need to know the source of each image to confirm copyright compliance

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