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What's going on then?

Here at Skye Bear we are starting a brand new series of comic e-magazines, to be launched with a unique marketing campaign in the new year 2020.  Our aim is to make our publications truly funny and with as broad an appeal as possible.

We are currently collating new content and we want you to submit your; comic strips, stories, jokes and other amusing stuff, for consideration.  Of course we want to encourage submission of your funniest work and with that in mind we have come up with our Booty scheme, where payments to all contributors are based directly on our sales figures with no cap!


The principle being that the funnier your submissions, the greater our sales; the greater our sales the bigger your reward.  And with our marketing campaign likely to generate many thousands of customers from our first issues, this is could be a very well-paid opportunity indeed...

...and this opportunity is open to everyone; maybe you’re a professional artist or a complete beginner, maybe you're a published writer or perhaps you've never put pen to paper before, but just have one hilarious story you’re dying to share with the world.  Whatever your background or experience, all submissions will be assessed on their own merit and if we like your work enough we will publish it and you will get paid for it!

Whilst we will of course be very pleased to receive original material, this is by no means a necessity.  If you already have a back catalogue then feel free to submit existing material, provided you own the copyright.  In this instance the potential returns could be very high, whilst the effort required could be very little indeed.

So, prolific artist or one hit wonder, here at Skye Bear we would love to see your work.  Go create or dig out your funniest stuff and send it to us pronto.  It might be the most lucrative email you ever send.

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